Too often we under estimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word,
a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring,
all of which have the potential to turn a life around.
—Leo Buscaglia

Living HeartWise Press Release


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Living HeartWise
Healing the Hearts and Lives of the Baby Boomers and Their Babies

Honor Your Heart Online Trai\ning Program

An extraordinary book has been published that has the power to turn your entire life around. Written to provide an understanding of how the Baby Boomers and the Boomers’ Babies have learned to shut down their hearts, Living HeartWise also shows how you can heal your heart and your life by working your way through a series of thought-provoking and heart-expanding activities. Trisha Keel takes you through her own life experience with her husband's heard disease, showing that every heart can learn to re-open and shine out again. She has filled her book with a bounty of heartwarming suggestions that are thought-provoking and easy to do. The book is available in paperback and as an audio CD box set from MP3 and pdf files are available at

No matter your age, sex, or race, you and everyone else in America now have heart disease or love someone who does. According to the World Health Organization heart disease is killing more people than all other disease, murders and war combined. Someone in our country has a heart attack every 20 seconds. Someone dies of a heart attack every 30 seconds.

The advances of medical science make it possible for doctors to perform miraculous procedures to save heart patients’ lives. All those receiving heart bypasses are experiencing a greater flow of energy through their hearts. Energy in motion = emotion. However, doctors cannot treat what they can’t see, so they can’t help with the patients’ returning and sometimes overwhelming emotions or shattered spirits.

Trisha Keel has written this book and designed an extra level of empowering belief blasters and life-changing experiences in Honor Your Heart, her online training program. The Living HeartWise Honor Your Heart online training program is specifically designed to ease the overwhelming flow of emotions you experience as your heart begins to feel again, and then to uplift and brighten your spirit. Participants rediscover their personal strength and well-being, working alone or with a partner, through meditation, interactive exercises, and activities which are designed to re-establish the love and light that shines from the heart and to fill it with faith, hope, and joy.

“You are where you are today because of the thoughts you’ve been thinking. Since only you can choose your thoughts and feelings, you are fully capable of changing your mind—and your life,” Trisha said. “That includes the ability to restore your spirit to your heart.”

Trisha Keel was not only born to teach, she is a professional educator with over 40 years’ experience. As a member of the International Alliance for Learning, her seminars integrate the methods of Accelerated Learning to help people to unlock their potential by opening the door between knowing and doing. Trisha is available to speak to your organization and can be contacted at 713-952-5429 or via email

About Tomorrow's Key – Serving Houston since 1989, Trisha Keel, of Tomorrow's Key, has served thousands with her light-hearted and heartwarming serves. Trisha's mission is to enlighten, empower, and encourage you to make personal changes in your mind, heart, and spirit that allow you the thrill of creating the joyful life you want.

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