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Over the years I have collected some special words, quotes, and sayings. Many are framed and hang on our walls. Some are handwritten onto index cards and taped to strategic spots for me to see regularly. Still others I have simply printed out of my computer and put up in my office.

They inspire me when I'm looking for direction. They uplift my spirits when I'm feeling lost. And most of all, they remind me that we are all in this world together. If one of us learns something, others of us can follow their path and arrive at the lesson. I have recreated them all as pdf files. You can view them online and download and print out any and all you like. Consider it a gift from my heart to yours.

I love how that works. I wholeheartedly encourage you to explore this resource page and choose some gifts. I know that the best gifts are sometimes the "to you, for you, from you" ones. You know exactly what you want and what you need. Truly you do.

Help Yourself. Bring Your Friends.

Please feel free take all you like. Send your family and friends here. You never know what you'll find but there is an infinite abundance of treats here. Your taking one or all never empties the cornucopia. Please take as many as you like. There is no lack. Give them away as often as anyone asks your as you are inspired. There will always be more.

Much like candle flames are always the same size no matter how many other candles are lit from their fire, you will discover that your light grows as you increase the illumination you bring into your life. And if you're so inspired, I hope you'll send me your favorites too. I'll pour all your heartfelt inspiration into this HeartWise Resource page too. Just email them to me by clicking here.


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